Teach, don't correct.

GradeSolve eliminates the need for monotonous, slow grading. It lets you make corrections to students' work quickly and easily—leaving you with more time to teach.

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GradeSolve Will Help You:

  Save Your Time

Grading takes a long time. Though students produce incredible work, repeatedly correcting the same mistakes can be monotonous. GradeSolve helps educators provide more feedback more efficiently, cutting grading time by 30% to 70%!

  Save Your Students

We've incorporated real-world experience into GradeSolve because it was built by an MIT student with a passion for education and technology. We've experienced the current state of grading, and we want to change it for the better.

  Save Your Sanity

We store students' documents in the cloud, so you can access them anywhere, at any time. You'll never lose anyone's work or get into an argument about when an assignment was turned in ever again!

  Save Your Deadlines

GradeSolve lets educators remind their pupils about a deadline with the simple push of a button. Late assignments are automatically marked late: no more arguing!

  Save the World

GradeSolve allows educators to collect, grade, and return work online, saving thousands of sheets of paper per year in every class. The average high school would save at least ten trees worth of paper per year by switching to GradeSolve!

  Save Yourself

GradeSolve stems from every teacher's wish: to spend more time helping students and less time redundantly correcting the same common errors.

  Grade Anything

GradeSolve can correct documents and spreadsheets in twelve different file formats, with no worrying about compatibility. With GradeSolve, students no longer need to pay for a costly word processor.

  Sleep Tight

GradeSolve uses the latest end-to-end encryption and security techniques on your connection to ensure that students' documents are kept private.

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