Plans and Pricing

All GradeSolve subscriptions come with a 60-day free trial!

For Departments, Schools, Districts, and Other Groups

GradeSolve is at its most powerful when it is used by a group of people—and our bulk discounts help make that possible. Teachers who are added to a GradeSolve group don't have to worry about maintaining an account; they only have to help their students.

Plan Maximum Number of Users Price per Month Billing Schedule
Solo 1 $7.50 $90.00 Every 12 Months
Nano 5 About $27.95 $335.41 Every 12 Months
Micro 7 About $35.57 $426.86 Every 12 Months
Mini 10 About $45.78 $549.34 Every 12 Months
Small 15 About $60.91 $730.95 Every 12 Months
Medium 20 About $74.65 $895.82 Every 12 Months
Large 25 About $87.50 $1,050.00 Every 12 Months
Extra Large 30 About $99.72 $1,196.58 Every 12 Months
Mega 40 About $122.81 $1,473.68 Every 12 Months
Exa 50 About $144.64 $1,735.66 Every 12 Months
Looking for something larger? Do none of these plans suit your needs? Contact us! We can create a customized plan for you.
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For Teachers

Although GradeSolve is designed for use by large groups such as schools and departments, you can still purchase an individual subscription to GradeSolve!

Plan Price per Month Billing Schedule
Monthly $9.99 $9.99 Every Month
Yearly $7.50 (Save 25%!) $90.00 Every 12 Months
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